10 Uses & Benefits of Mint

Mint (scientific name: Mentha rotundifolia), in terms of uses and benefits, is a super-hero of the herb family. It grows vivaciously (it can take over your garden if you’re not careful), has multiple culinary uses, and has been used for it’s medicinal properties for thousands of years. It grows bush-like, and can spread anywhere from 30-100 cm, with flowers gathering in spikes from 2-5cm long. It’s commonly found in nature near rivers, ponds and other humid places.

Many people think of mint solely in terms of the flavor of their toothpaste or the little candy they get at the end of some meals. 

Mint is so, so much more than a leftover taste after a candy.

So, without further adeui, here are 10 Uses & Benefits of Mint:

1) Mint is an amazing remedy for indigestion. You can create a tea from submerging fresh or dried leaves in boiling water. Try adding lemon, honey or chamomile to the mix for an extra boost.

2) It can be used to reduce headaches, fevers, backaches and pain both internally and topically. Mint has a “calming and numbing effect” on the skin, and can be used to ease muscle pain. 

3) It’s a natural mosquito repellant. It also repels ants, so instead of spraying chemicals around your house to get rid of bugs, try placing dried bundles of mint around. 

4) Aromatherapy using mint has been shown to reduce stress and promote relaxation. 

5) Mint can be used topically to treat insect bites or stings. It can also be used to sooth sunburns, AND acts as a sunblock!

6) It’s good for your hair! Mint can be used to make natural shampoo.

8) Mint has been shown to protect and improve liver health (when taken as a tea).

9) You can throw it into salads, juices, spreads, fruits, and to zest up vegetable dishes.

10) Mint will help revitalize your garden. Because mint is rich in nectar and pollen, bugs such as honeybees are attracted to them and help promote a healthy environment for your garden.

My absolute favorite way to use mint is in tea. I’m also a big fan of using it while making green juice. It gives a nice refreshing kick 🙂

What are YOUR favorite uses for mint?


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